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Computing Resources

The MCS Division offers and maintains these general computing resources:

  • A network of workstations (mostly Linux machines), which are the day-to-day desktop computing resources used for editing, electronic mail, text processing, symbolic math programs, and so on.
  • When connecting to MCS resources from offsite you can ssh into login.mcs.anl.gov, you will need to use an ssh key in order to connect. login.mcs.anl.gov is actually a cname that points to one of four general use login machines: login1, login2, login3 and login4. They are designed only for low impact, interactive use and should never be used to run computations. They are intended to serve as a way for our authenticated users to get into our environment from the outside. Long running or CPU intensive processes should never be run on these machines and if we are alerted that the machine is overloaded we will kill the offending jobs or reboot the machine or both.
  • For access to a system more powerful than your workstation you should see your sponsor/host/supervisor for better alternatives.
  • If you are having trouble finding a machine to run code on you can use any of our standalone compute servers They have the exact same environment as our workstations, but more CPU and memory. There are some largish multi core cpu machines, some 64bit processors and a couple of 32 bit machines. We even have one machine with 1,500GB of memory.
  • Other resources at the lab for long running processes are offered by the Laboratory Computing Resource Center, known as the LCRC: they run a cluster named Blues and coming soon (Q2) Bebop. You can find information on the LCRC resources here: Computing and Data Resources. It’s a separate environment, and so you will need to request an acount at: The LCRC Accounts page.
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