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Logging In to UNIX Workstations

If you are using a provided MCS Linux workstation, you should be able to login with your MCS username and password.
You can also log in from off-site via ssh to login.mcs.anl.gov . Please see the Offsite Access FAQ at https://wiki.mcs.anl.gov/IT/index.php/Offsite_Access for a list of machines that are accessible outside our firewall.
Use your Personal Account Page to change your password. Please make your password at least eight characters long, and include at least one capital latter, number and special character in it. Make it something you’ll remember, but not any name or any word that would be found in a dictionary. There are some other important rules to follow to create a strong password; please see the Password Guidelines at http://www.mcs.anl.gov/faq for more information.
Please check with your sponsor if you find you don’t have access to a machine you think you need.

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