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GCE Accounts

To create your GCE account, go to https://accounts.cels.anl.gov and log in with your Argonne credentials. After you have logged in, you will need to request the GCE project to access GCE computing resources. This allows you to log in to your GCE workstation and SSH to compute nodes and public-facing login servers. You request it under the Join Project tab on the left side of your account management page. Projects normally have to be approved by the owner or a delegate, but the GCE project is automatically approved upon request.

If you do not have an Argonne account, the link to apply for an Argonne Collaborator account is at https://apps.anl.gov/registration/collaborators. You will need to use the official Argonne e-mail address of your Argonne sponsor. If you don’t know it, you can contact your sponsor directly and ask. If there’s some reason that doesn’t work, let us know at help@cels.anl.gov and we’ll figure it out with you.  Argonne Collaborator accounts are annual and can be renewed by the sponsor each year.

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