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Lmod Software Environment

In the legacy MCS environment, users would add NFS-mounted software/libraries to their PATH environment variable with SoftEnv. In the GCE, you’ll be using Lmod, which is a Lua-based module system that works similarly to SoftEnv.

To ensure that Lmod is available anytime you have a shell, add the following line to the bottom of your .bashrc or .zshrc file:
# Source module definitions
if [ -f /etc/profile.d/z00_lmod.sh ]; then

. /etc/profile.d/z00_lmod.sh

If you use tcsh, add the following to .cshrc:
# Source module definitions
if ( -f /etc/csh/login.d/z00_lmod.csh ) then
source /etc/csh/login.d/z00_lmod.csh

To immediately apply the changes in your current session, run the following command:
If you’re using bash
$ source ~/.bashrc

If you’re using zsh
$ source ~/.zshrc

If you’re using tsch
$ source ~/.cshrc

You should now be able to call the module command. You can view the list of available software by:
$ module avail

For more information on how to use Lmod, please see the following documentation.

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