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Login, Compute, and Home nodes

Home nodes:

Home nodes can be used for light shell access (e.g. things that were traditionally done on the legacy MCS login nodes), such as interactive sessions and no CPU-heavy jobs. You can directly SSH to these from any internal trusted network (desktops, Argonne-Auth wifi).

  • homes.cels.anl.gov (round robin DNS entry for the hosts listed below)
    • homes-01.cels.anl.gov
    • homes-02.cels.anl.gov

Compute nodes:

These are for more CPU-heavy compute jobs. You can directly SSH to these from any internal trusted network (desktops, Argonne-Auth wifi). This list will grow as legacy compute nodes are rebuilt as GCE compute nodes.

  • compute-01.cels.anl.gov (nomachine, see below)
  • compute-02.cels.anl.gov
  • compute-03.cels.anl.gov
  • compute-04.cels.anl.gov
  • compute-05.cels.anl.gov
  • compute-06.cels.anl.gov

Login nodes:

GCE login nodes function differently than the legacy MCS login nodes. While the login nodes are still your way in to the GCE environment while offsite,
shell access on the login nodes is now prohibited. Instead, the login nodes will be used as an SSH proxy tunnel to your preferred GCE endpoint.

  • logins.cels.anl.gov (round robin DNS entry for the login nodes listed below)
    • login-01.cels.anl.gov
    • login-02.cels.anl.gov

GUI nodes:

GCE also has a compute node available for interactive GUI logins via NoMachine.  Download the client at nomachine.com and connect via SSH to:

  • nomachine.cels.anl.gov
    • from offsite, this SSH connection will have to be proxied through the logins.  See SSH documentation.
    • Quick cheat sheet: add the following lines to your ~/.ssh/config immediately after the “homes-gce” section in the docs linked above.
      Host nomachine
      Hostname nomachine.cels.anl.gov
      ProxyCommand ssh login-gce -q -W %h:%p
      ForwardX11 yes
    • Then, in nomachine, configure a connection via SSH to the host “nomachine” (presuming you used the example above).
    • You should now be able to connect from offsite.
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