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Cisco VPN Client Download and Instructions

We like to limit VPN access to those who actually have a defined need for it so as to reduce the security liability of external computers connecting to our internal networks.

It’s possible you don’t actually need VPN access. As a first pass, read Getting by without a VPN client and make sure you actually need VPN access. VPN access is not needed (or recommended) for SSH, accessing Argonne Intranet, using Dayforce, or other Argonne apps. Typically, the only reason you’d need VPN access is to directly access a machine using Windows protocols such as remote desktop.

If you feel you still need VPN access, please send a ticket to help@cels.anl.gov requesting it and listing what applications/processes require it. After it’s been approved and added to your account, you can follow the directions here to install the software.

It will not work until you’ve been approved for VPN access.

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