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Configuring Thunderbird for MFA

  1. Install the Owl plugin.
  2. Open Add-ons menu, select Owl, then “Preferences” button and Add new account manually
  3. Enter your login info.  Use Outlook Web Access as the method, and use “https://outlook.office365.com/mail” as the URL.
  4. It will go through the MFA process, and your account will be added.

Argonne has picked up the licensing on Owl, though you must use your @anl.gov address for this to be picked up.  If you’re using an address other than @anl.gov, you’ll have to pay for it yourself.

If you have more than one Outlook calendar you would like to sync:

  1. Install the TB Sync plugin and Provider for Exchange ActiveSync
  2. Depending on the operating system you use, find the menu option Synchronization Settings (TBSync)
  3. Choose Account Actions, Add New Account, Exchange Activesync
  4. Choose Office 365.  Enter a descriptive name (for example, “Argonne”) and your @anl.gov email address.
  5. After authentication, it will ask for permissions on your account.  Once granted, it will start collecting your calendars.
  6. Select the calendars you want to sync, except “Calendar”, since Owl is taking care of that.
  7. Choose a synchronization period in the box at the bottom of the window.
  8. Click Synchronize now.
  9. Close the window.  You’re done.
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