Request a Git Repository

Self Service Options!

There are a couple of self-service options for git repositories offered.  If you wish to have your git repository accessible to the internet at large and want the option for external collaborators, visit

For internal-only repositories, please visit

Users with CELS accounts can use the LDAP login for either site to create and manage repos.

Slower, soon-to-be-retired option

If you feel you’d rather the repository live on, fill out the form below to request a new repository and we’ll be in touch.

Full Name:
Phone Number:
Repo Name:
Enter the name of the repository.
Enter a short description that Git will use for this repository.
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Enter the MCS usernames of any people who will use this repository.
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Will this repository have unauthenticated anonymous checkouts?
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This service is slated to be retired. Please explain why your repository is not well suited to the alternatives listed above.