Working Remotely in CELS

Argonne’s For Employees and Telecommuting web pages have good resources on the general Argonne capabilities. This page focuses on the more CELS-centric tools and options.

  • Both our Legacy (MCS) environment and GCE are accessible via SSH from anywhere in the world.
  • Slack is available from anywhere.
  • is accessible from anywhere.
    • is available only onsite or from trusted networks.  See how to proxy ssh if you need to work remotely on that.
  • All other cloud-hosted services provided by Argonne or CELS can be accessed without a VPN or using Dash.  These include:
  • To access PARIS, AMOS, or other internal-only sites, use – choose light mode to operate in your browser window without an additional client.

The following training courses may be of interest, and are available for people who have signed up for LinkedIn Learning:

As always, you can get help from us at